Hi, I’m Maryam.

Half healer, half business woman—all in for changing the world.

After recovering from the life of a wannabe Republican lobbyist, I made a commitment to paving a new path—one that would allow me to make meaningful change in the world. So I left politics and moved to NYC to work for a global impact start-up.

Years later, I was moving closer and closer “having it all.” I had changed in my life, set short and long term goals, and I was well on my way to achieving them.

Yet, I still found myself disconnected from… well, myself. And it was, appropriately, one of the times I was feeling most myself—pizza in one hand, champagne in the other—that I stumbled into the world of healing.

Deepening my yoga practice helped ground me and led me to meditation. That led me to alternative medicine. Then, I discovered two of the most powerful modalities I’ve used: Reiki and Breathwork.

Before I knew it, I was practicing both and fulfilling my life’s purpose—which has lead me here, helping others harness their energy and live their best lives in order to fulfill theirs.

In 2018, I realized that now more than ever there needs to be more healing in business and more business in healing and in early 2019 I launched Indagba, energy healing and growth strategy for socially conscious individuals and companies.

Through this work, I am committed to empowering the disadvantaged, fighting racism, toppling the patriarchy, and generally leaving things better than I found them.