Diversity in Wellness Salon Dinner Series

After the release of my article about the lack of diversity and inclusion in the wellness industry. The response was overwhelming - especially from other leaders in the space who have a desire to learn how to contribute, collaborate, and build a community to create meaningful progress towards a more inclusive wellness industry for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

Rather than just keeping the conversation going, but create meaningful change, in February 2019 I launched the Diversity in Wellness Salon Dinner Series.

The DIW Salon Dinner series is a quarterly event, bringing together diverse and inclusive leaders within the industry for an open dialogue and discussion in order to create a plan of action for bringing more diversity to the wellness industry. Participants are encouraged to go beyond discussion and put their ideas into action amongst community, to create deeper and further reaching impact to those who often do not have access to healing and wellness as it has evolved today.

 So far, there have been two dinners in NYC that have brought together 60 leaders and influencers within the wellness industry. Previous partners and sponsors have include MNDFL, Grand Street Healing Project, Plant People, The Little Beet, Harmless Harvest, Spindrift, Health Ade, WTHN, Lesser Evil and Package Free Shop.

This summer DIW is spreading their wings to LA!  And our Fall dinner will be back in NYC.

If you are am individual or brand that would like to partner or sponsor with us, please reach out here.

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