Hear from my community about my work.

"After my first Reiki session with Maryam, I learned to trust myself and thus trust the process. When I let go, I came to not only appreciate the practice of Reiki, I was also impressed with Maryam’s talent as a healer and spiritual guide.”

Abigail, Co-Founder Yeluchi

“Reiki healing with Maryam has become an invaluable tool for me to reconnect with my own power to achieve peace and happiness in a life of my choosing. Her sessions give me guidance in ways I never knew I needed. She assists me in connecting to my inner strength as a Black woman, as well as releasing my sensitive intergenerational pain I experience. I am no longer surprised by Maryam’s abilities, but am constantly amazed.”

Atima, Founder and CEO, Nudest

"Maryam's healing helped me see fresh paths, offered me new tools, and deepened my connection with myself. Her approach is very open - explaining what is going to happen, debriefing what transpired, and rationale for her recommendations. Even now, with some time after our last session, her words and guidance that planted themselves in the soil of my spirit find a way to bloom. She is truly gifted."

Monica, Product Director, IBM

“I came into Energy Healing 101 not really knowing anything about the topic. I left with a greater understanding of reiki and breathwork; and a more calm, centered countenance than when I arrived.”

Giselle, The Wing Energy Healing 101 Workshop Attendee

Maryam Ajayi is a rockstar energy healer and growth strategist. Her reiki and breathwork worked wonders on myself and my friends that attended the Nike x Sad Girls Club Event. Her modern and fun take on wellness is refreshing and up lifting. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a safe space to align their chakras and just feel good.”

Dominique, Nike x Sad Girls Club Event Participant

“I’ve been feeling magical since I saw you.”

Jenny, Reiki Client

“Thank you so much for holding space and facilitating this beautiful healing practice. It was a life changing experience for me. I appreciate the thoughtfulness, intent and care you put into this work. Your encouragement to be fully present and go all out during the session allowed me to just go for it. My journey was multi-dimensional and I came back vibrating at a higher frequency.”

Jillian, Wild Ass Ancestor Breathwork Circle Participant